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Who We Are

Updated: Feb 7

Julie and I have been Montana locals for many years. We chose this area due to its natural beauty, outdoor possibilities, and simple, clean way of life. Living so close to Yellowstone National Park, it was only a few days before we made our first trip through the gates. We had the same reaction as most people on viewing this majestic area for the first time. We didn’t know it then, but a fire had been lit within our souls that continues to grow and burn brighter every day. We kept returning and learning, the more experiences we had and knowledge we gained, the more we wanted. This passion is the foundation of Yellowstone Excursions.

Julie has spent her adult life in customer service. She has always been the type of person strangers want to work with. She is kind and caring. Raising two children and now a grandmother of two, she understands family dynamics. You will find customizing your pre-trip information a delight as Julie will be your direct contact person. People often comment to their guides on how Julie made the reservation procedure, the most convenient and stress-free booking process they have ever had. Julie is also a knowledgeable guide and staff trainer. Although most days you can find her on the phone or computer making sure every guest has a unique and amazing experience, those lucky enough to have her as their tour guide will quickly see the joy she has in sharing her knowledge and past experiences of Yellowstone.

I was raised as an outdoor enthusiast. My father loved to fish and hunt, passing on these loves to me. I have been a fishing guide in Yellowstone and other Montana rivers for years and an instructor at several different ski resorts. My best days are lived outdoors. I love to read and educate myself on anything of interest to me. Yellowstone National Park has certainly fallen into this category. For many years before the start of Yellowstone Excursions, I was unknowingly preparing myself as a guide in this incredible area. I didn’t spend my time gathering this information for any other reason than that deep interest. I have been fascinated by Yellowstone and its ecology. This plateau is not only home to one of the world’s largest volcanoes but also habitat for an incredible collection of animals. One of my goals while guiding is to show guests how wild and yet connected the wildlife is to the environment. I hope some of my love for Yellowstone is passed on to my guests.

As outdoor enthusiasts we make sure we care for the environment we love. We have built our fleet of vans to accommodate many different group sizes, we don’t see the need to use a 12-person van for a small group of guests. We train our guides to keep everyone safe in this wild area and leave everything as it was found. The only things we take from the park are memories and photographs. Yellowstone has been preserved for over 150 years and we do our best to ensure that it will still look the same for generations to come.

We are passionate about showing you the incredible sights. I hope you get the chance to join one or more of the three private full day tours we offer. We will do everything to make it a fantastic experience for you to enjoy all of its beauty and wildness. You will no doubt take home memories and stories that will stay with you a lifetime.

Joe V. Owner/Tour Guide

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